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Binge-Worthy Shows For A Night In

This is my favorite episode!
Streaming services are putting out more great, binge-worthy TV shows than we can keep up with. That's why we're thankful for lists like this one that lists 15 'must watch' binge-worthy shows. While one of our favorites -- Ted Lasso -- got ignored on that list (shameful!), there are still... [read more]

How To Prep Your Vehicle For Cold Weather

Car tires on a snowy winter road
Car maintenance is always important, but keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition is doubly important in the winter. Why? Well for starters, fixing a problem might require standing in three feet of snow. There are many inconveniences that cold weather can cause, so it's important that your vehicle is properly... [read more]

It’s Chili Weather! Try This Easy Chili Recipe

a bowl of chili
When the temperatures drop, it's time for comfort food. Is there anything that's more comforting on a cold winter afternoon than a good, hearty bowl of chili? It's a humble meal that's neither entirely soup nor stew, but some kind of distant cousin to both. Savory and seasoned with a... [read more]

Throw A Classy Masquerade Party

Halloween's not just for the kids. There are sure to be tons of trick-or-treaters out and about this spooky season, but it's totally acceptable for us adults to have some fun, too. That's why we like the idea of throwing a classy masquerade party this fall. There are lots of... [read more]