Throw A Classy Masquerade Party

Halloween’s not just for the kids. There are sure to be tons of trick-or-treaters out and about this spooky season, but it’s totally acceptable for us adults to have some fun, too. That’s why we like the idea of throwing a classy masquerade party this fall. There are lots of fun options to try, from location-themed parties to literary get-togethers, or even formal dinner parties. All of those options can be a blast for you – and whoever else is behind that mask.

Literary Ambitions

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is considered one of the greatest American novels of all time. Generations of moviegoers have seen stars like Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio play Gatsby. The title character throws lavish parties with food, champagne, and entertainment. While we wouldn’t encourage anyone to drop that kind of cash on a party, it’s still fun to invite guests to get dressed up like a roaring 1920s party. Imagine it! The gents in formal dinner wear and the women in flapper dresses and heels. Domino masks, of course, would be encouraged! If Gatsby’s not your style, how about a Mardi Gras-themed bash? When your guests arrive, put Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue on the sound system, eat some jambalaya, and pretend you’re in New Orleans’ French Quarter for the evening.

In Living Color

Color-themed masquerade parties are always a classic, and they often feature revelers in white, black and white, or black and gold. But remember that you don’t have to limit your options. Do you have a guest of honor? Have masked partygoers dress in their favorite color! And color scheme is not limited to costumes. Your home’s decorations can match your color scheme. If your friends don’t have masks of their own, or as part of the festivities, you can also set up a craft party table where guests can DIY their mask with cutouts, sequins, and feathers.

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Party On

One of the most famous masquerade party’s traditions is the unmasking. This is often done at midnight, and you can create a really fun atmosphere around the tradition of unmasking by giving awards to partygoers. A best costume could be bragging rights among your friends until the next masquerade party!

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