Visit Scary Strokes With Your Family

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Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or older sibling, you know it’s not always easy to care for kids. After all, it doesn’t take much for them to feel bored. Well, here’s a way to keep them entertained for hours. Take them to Scary Strokes in Waldorf, Maryland, for exciting things to do.

A Wonderfully Unique Experience

Although Scary Strokes is a family fun center, it’s not the kind of place you typically take your kids. Instead, it takes activities like bowling, miniature golf, and even virtual reality to a different level. They’ll experience games and adventures under black light. It creates a lot of fun for everyone.

The Omni Arena

While most family fun centers have bowling and arcades, they seldom have virtual reality. However, that’s just one example of what makes Scary Strokes unique. Not only can everyone in the family play, but they also have the opportunity to win prizes and cash. With that combination, you won’t need to ask your children twice if they want to go.

Scary Strokes even has both a weekly and a monthly virtual reality tournament. For the weekly tournament, whoever takes first place receives $400. Second place gets $200, and third place $100.

As for the monthly tournament, your family can make even more money with $2,000 for first place. However, they’ll still receive money with other rankings. That includes a $100 prize for anyone between sixth and 10th place. Regardless without winning a prize or money, you’ll all have a blast.

Additional Activities

Scary Strokes provides even more exhilarating activities. For instance, there’s indoor miniature golf. Again, it’s amazing due to the brightly colored objects that reflect off a black light. In addition, it features 18 holes, making this an ideal way to spend quality time together.

You’ll discover the same thing when visiting the arcade. Everything glows, which gives it an eerie yet exciting vibe. With multiple games, you’ll probably have a hard time convincing your kids it’s time to go home. However, it’s just as fun for adults.

There’s also a shop where you can buy novelty items and Tomb TV, which plays great music.

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Special Offers

Along with taking the family to Scary Strokes for a day of fun, this place hosts birthday parties. For that, you can choose from several different packages, all created to make the occasion memorable.

After spending hours playing games, you can head to the Graveyard Grill for delicious food and beverages. In keeping with the theme, you can order Spook-A-Roni Pizza, Franken Fries, Mummy Tenders, Haunt Dogs, and much more.

For guaranteed fun and excitement, you don’t want to miss visiting Scary Strokes. One trip, and it’ll become your family’s favorite place to go.

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