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Spring Cleaning Checklist Essentials

Woman standing by the supermarket shelf with household hygiene products, holding cleaning agent and reading label
It is that time of year again as the temperature warms up to open the blinds, let in the sunshine, and do some deep spring cleaning. You know all the spots around the house that you want to target, but the question is do you have the right supplies? A... [read more]

Why The Buick Is A Reliable Brand

Buick Envision on a city street in front of a traffic light.
The Buick lineup is filled with affordable, reliable vehicles for money-conscious shoppers who want the look and feel of a luxury brand. Upscale Affordability The Buick is positioned between mainstream and luxury brand vehicles. The Brand goes to great lengths to offer car-shoppers a lineup of vehicles with premium features at a... [read more]

Keep The Kids Entertained During Spring Break With These Ideas

Spring break is right around the corner. The kids will be out of school with time on their hands. What will they do with that time? Try to keep the kids entertained during spring break with these ideas. We're sure there's something fun here they will enjoy. Visit North Keys Community... [read more]

Quick Breakfasts For People On The Go

Homemade jumbo sized lemon poppy seed glazed muffins served on a lime green plate. Fresh whole lemons are in the background in a see through glass bowl. The table is made of ceramic tile and the decorative checked kitchen tablecloth adds some blue color to the yellow and green colored image.
You have heard the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While you definitely want to fuel your body before you head to work, to run your errands, or to your morning workout, it can be tempting to hit the snooze button and roll over... [read more]