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Shop At The Dutch Village Farmers Market

Juicy and ripe just as it should be
You look into your refrigerator and pantry to find them looking a little bare. You need to grocery shop, but you do not want to go to the same grocery store to buy the same items that you always purchase. If you are looking for a place to shop for... [read more]

Checkout The 2023 GMC SUV Lineup

This year, get a car for the whole family with one of the 2023 GMC SUV lineup. To ensure that you get the model best suited for you, MotorTrend breaks down what is new, plus pros and cons of all the 2023 models. Plus, gives us a sneak peak at... [read more]

Craft Your 2023 Reading List

Bearded man comfortably sitting on a couch reading a book and holding his dog .
There is no better time than the New Year to jump into reading or to branch out and try something new. Whether you are trying to find that spark again, get started on being an avid reader, or looking for some fun recommendations, the Booklist Queen has you covered! Here... [read more]

10 Tips To Keep Your New Years Resolution

New year resolutions 2023 on desk. 2023 resolutions list with notebook, coffee cup on table
A new year gives us all a new slate, new beginnings. Whether your resolution is to write more, cook at home more, go out with friends more, or finally finish that big home project, we all lose momentum at some point. If this year you are determined to see your... [read more]