Make The Most Of Your Test Drive

couple test driving

Before you make your next car purchase, you probably want to go for a test drive. It makes sense to do so. But other than just jumping behind the wheel and going for a whirl around the block, have you ever thought about how you can make the most of your test drive? We have a few tips that might help you as you make an important decision.

What Are You Looking For?

Research is critically important when you begin looking for a new car. Think about what you’ll be using your vehicle for and what is important to you. Fuel efficiency. Safety. Style. Comfort. These are just a few of the factors you may be considering. Once you’ve identified a few cars, narrow your list down to three before you begin taking test drives.

Make An Appointment

We recommend making an appointment for a test drive instead of simply showing up. While salespeople can certainly accommodate you when you walk in, with an appointment you can not only minimize your wait time, but you can also ensure the vehicle you want to see is on the lot. If possible, it’s best to schedule your test drives for all three vehicles as close to each other as possible as this will give you a better comparison of each.

During The Drive

You choose the route. Car salespeople have predetermined routes that typically involve a number of right turns before you finally end up back at the dealership. However, only you know how you’ll be using your car. Whether you’ll be in stop-and-go D.C. traffic, traveling on the open road, or out in a more rural area, your test drive needs to give you a pretty good idea of how the car will handle your needs.

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Don’t forget to check out the infotainment system. Is it easy for you to use? Can you safely use it? Different vehicles feature various ways to interact with your infotainment, and getting a feel for it now is a good idea.

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