How To Prep Your Vehicle For Cold Weather

Car tires on a snowy winter road

Car maintenance is always important, but keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition is doubly important in the winter. Why? Well for starters, fixing a problem might require standing in three feet of snow. There are many inconveniences that cold weather can cause, so it’s important that your vehicle is properly equipped.  The team here at Buick GMC of Brandywine doesn’t want you to be unprepared, so we found a checklist you can complete to keep your family safe and warm on the road.

Check The Tread on Your Tires

When the roads get slick with ice you should have a set of quality snow tires equipped. If you have a set already make sure they aren’t worn before you mount them on your vehicle.  Having worn tires will increase your stopping distance and can cause a preventable accident. If your tires are worn come by Buick GMC of Brandywine’s tire shop and we’ll help you replace them.

Check Your Battery

A dead battery any time of the year isn’t fun, but if you have to hook up your jumper cables in the blistering cold its even more inconvenient. You car’s battery has a limited life, so use a computerized battery tester to assess the voltage of your battery. You should also check your battery for corrosion. If you notice that there is a white, green, or blue tinge substance on your battery posts you can clean them off using a wire brush and battery cleaner.

Switch to Winter Wiper Blades

In snowy areas, it’s a good idea to switch to winter wiper blades. Normal wiper blades will likely get packed with snow. Once that happens they’ll leave streaks on your windshield instead of clearing it. Winterized wiper blades have rubber boots that prevent that from happening.

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If you get trapped on the highway during a snowstorm or have a roadside emergency you’ll be happy you prepared a few survival items to help you solve any problem that might arise. A few things to add to your survival kit are a candle-powered heater, LED flashlight, Cell phone car charger, notepad and pen, portable air compressor, jumper cables, and foldable shovel.

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