Quick Breakfasts For People On The Go

Homemade jumbo sized lemon poppy seed glazed muffins served on a lime green plate. Fresh whole lemons are in the background in a see through glass bowl. The table is made of ceramic tile and the decorative checked kitchen tablecloth adds some blue color to the yellow and green colored image.

You have heard the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While you definitely want to fuel your body before you head to work, to run your errands, or to your morning workout, it can be tempting to hit the snooze button and roll over to catch a little more sleep instead. However, here are quick breakfast ideas that you can make when you have a busy schedule.

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

If you want a zesty, sweet treat to enjoy in the morning, then try making these Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins. Baking may not sound quick and easy. If, however, you make a batch of these muffins on Sunday evening, then you can quickly grab a muffin and piece of fruit during the week for a quick breakfast.

Fabulous French Toast

This French Toast recipe takes a mere fifteen minutes to make, but what makes French toast an easy option for breakfast is that most of the basic ingredients – bread, eggs, and milk – are already in your pantry or refrigerator. You can make French toast fresh and different each time by using different toppings and syrup.

Bacon, Spinach, & Egg Scramble

Scrambled eggs are super easy to make, but they can get a little monotonous. Shake things up by incorporating savory bacon and delicious spinach to your scrambled eggs. This egg scramble recipe calls for cheddar cheese, but you can always personalize your scramble by mixing in your favorite cheese.

Breakfast Tacos

If you need a breakfast that you can take in the car with you, then try these Breakfast Tacos. They only require a few ingredients and are easily transportable. Filling and delicious, the real stars of these easy tacos are the lime juice, roasted garlic bell pepper seasoning, and crumbled queso fresco.

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Raspberry Coconut Smoothie

When your schedule calls for something light and nourishing, you should opt to make these Raspberry Coconut Smoothies. The tartness from the raspberries and the subtle sweetness from the coconut milk pair extremely well together. With just four to five ingredients, you can have an appetizing breakfast that you can take on the go.

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