10 Tips To Keep Your New Years Resolution

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A new year gives us all a new slate, new beginnings. Whether your resolution is to write more, cook at home more, go out with friends more, or finally finish that big home project, we all lose momentum at some point. If this year you are determined to see your resolution through, check out these tips from VeryWell Mind to help you this year!

Do Not Overwhelm Yourself

A good place to start is to not overwhelm yourself with resolutions. Having many or a big one might seem great once the clock strikes midnight, but halfway through the year you will feel overwhelmed and lost. VeryWell suggests that you limit your resolutions. You are much more likely to complete one than five in the year. You can also choose a specific goal, such as “I will cook four meals a week at home.” Then make checklists, meal plans, and a budget to help you stay on track.

You can also start with small steps. Instead of starting your resolution up at level 10, try maybe at level three. For example, if you want to write more start by saying you will write one paragraph a day instead of a whole chapter.

Have a Positive Mindset

Another good way to make sure you keep your New Year’s resolution is by having a good mindset. When you start to feel overwhelmed, remember that change is a process.  As keeping your resolution gets harder, try to renew your motivation. Do this by making a list of why you are doing this resolution to look at in such moments. Another way is to keep working, even through setbacks and hard moments.


Accountability is a good way to keep up your resolution and can look different for everyone. One way is to avoid repeating past failures, such as not making the same resolution as last year. If you want to give a past resolution another shot, have a plan in place and reevaluate what went wrong last year.

If you can, get support through friends and family that will hold you accountable. Either they can have the same resolution as you and you guys try to knock it out together, or they can check up on progress and offer encouragement on hard days. One other way is to plan your resolution in advance and what you will need to do to ensure that you keep it this year.

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Learning and Adapting

No one keeps their resolutions without setbacks. Anytime you relapse back into a bad habit or do not complete a daily task needed, do not view these as failures but instead as learning opportunities. Evaluate what happened and what you can do next to possibly avoid a similar setback.



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