Keep The Kids Entertained During Spring Break With These Ideas



Spring break is right around the corner. The kids will be out of school with time on their hands. What will they do with that time? Try to keep the kids entertained during spring break with these ideas. We’re sure there’s something fun here they will enjoy.

Visit North Keys Community Park

A visit to the park is always a fun idea, and North Keys Community Park offers everything they could want. There are swings, a pond, plenty of wildlife – you name it. With a walking track, baseball fields, and more, it’s perfect for getting exercise, taking your dog for a walk, or just people watching. You can’t go wrong with people watching.

Play Board Games

Not all spring break activities have to be outdoors. Having a nice night with the family playing board games can be loads of fun. There are the classics, new games, and card games as well. And of course, charades is always a fun one.

Clearwater Nature Center

Going for a nice walk is a great thing to do during spring break. And while your neighborhood can be a great locale for this activity, another picturesque place to take a stroll with your kids is Clearwater Nature Center. There are lots of ponds, playgrounds, wildlife, and, of course, walking trails.

Plan A Day Trip To Washington

There’s always something fun to do in our nation’s capital, and plenty of items on this list fall under the umbrella covered by a trip to Washington, D.C. Visiting a zoo, for instance. It’s certainly hard to beat the zoo in D.C. As far as museums, well, you know. And if the cherry blossoms are blooming then you’ll definitely want to take a stroll along the tidal basin.

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Visit The Library

Just because school is out doesn’t mean the learning has to pause. There are plenty of books, of course. But if the kids want to venture into something new, they may have the opportunity to learn chess during spring break.

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