Is It Time For An Oil Change?

Pouring oil to car engine. Fresh motor oil poured during an oil change to a car

Your car’s engine needs oil to run smoothly, and an oil change is one of the most basic and essential maintenance tasks you can do for your vehicle. But how do you know when it’s time for an oil change? In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to tell when it’s time for an oil change and some tips on when to do it.

Is it Important to Check My Oil Level Regularly?

Generally, checking your oil levels once a month is a good idea. This is less important for newer cars, as they may have oil level sensors. However, manually checking the oil level is also an excellent way to confirm the readings from the sensor.

When checking your oil level, park on level ground and wait at least 5 minutes for the car to cool down. Then, locate the dipstick, pull it out of the engine, and wipe away any excess oil. Re-insert the stick and push it all the way down into the engine.

There will be a mark on the dipstick, usually in the form of cross-hatching, which will tell you where the correct level is. If the oil reaches the cross-hatched area, then it is at a sufficient level. If the oil is below the mark, it’s time to add more oil.

What is the Recommended Oil Change Interval?

The 3,000-mile service interval is a thing of the past. With advances in car technology, most new cars can go much further before needing a service. It depends on the car, but generally speaking, a vehicle can go anywhere from 5,000 to 7,500 miles without requiring a change. Of course, more frequent visits to the dealership’s service department are suggested if you’re putting hard miles on your car.

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