Craft Your 2023 Reading List

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There is no better time than the New Year to jump into reading or to branch out and try something new. Whether you are trying to find that spark again, get started on being an avid reader, or looking for some fun recommendations, the Booklist Queen has you covered! Here are four interesting picks from her 2023 booklist.

An Inspiring Memoir

Non-fiction is not everyone’s cup of tea, however, memoirs are a great way to dip your toes into the non-fiction pool. Based on the experiences of their writers, memoirs give non-fiction a personal feel while being entertaining because they are someone’s life story. This year read Good for a Girl, the memoir of Lauren Fleshman, set to come out on Jan. 10. Fleshman’s book talks about how one of the most decorated runners in the United States fell in love with running as a child. However, Good for a Girl gives outsiders of athletics a look into how competitive sports are crafted for men and boys, failing female athletes constantly.

A Chilling Murder Mystery

Anyone who loves mystery, especially murder mysteries, will love Homecoming by Kate Morton, set to be released on April 4. Homecoming tells the story of Jess, who leaves London to go back home to Sydney after her grandmother falls. While taking care of her grandmother, Jess finds a true crime journal in her grandmother’s house. The journal details a murder at a mysterious mansion on Christmas Eve 1959. As an experienced journalist, Jess starts to parse through the journal and look into the mystery where she finds chilling connections to her family.

 An Unlikely Adventure Duo

Enjoy a lighthearted read this New Year with Colleen Oakley’s The Mostly True Story of Tanner and Louise. Tanner Quimbley would rather enjoy her time with video games, however, money is needed for life, so she takes a job as a live-in caretaker for an elderly woman. Louise is less than thrilled with the idea, viewing Tanner as a babysitter, and wants nothing to do with her. However, Tanner starts to think that Louise could be an infamous jewel thief, the pair have to outrun the mistakes of their paths crossing. Oakley’s book is set to come out on March 28.

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London Séaunce Society

Dive into the supernatural with a murder mystery novel by Sarah Penner. The London Séaunce Society follows spiritualist Vaudeline D’Allaire, who conjures up murder victims to reveal their killers, and Lenna Wickes, who is looking for answers to her sister’s murder. Lenna agrees to be Vaudeline’s assistant despite being skeptical and the pair travel to London to solve a murder. While there, they get a feeling that the murderers might be using them. Penner’s novel comes out on March 21.

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