Spring Cleaning Checklist Essentials

Woman standing by the supermarket shelf with household hygiene products, holding cleaning agent and reading label

Woman standing by the supermarket shelf with household hygiene products, holding cleaning agent and reading label

It is that time of year again as the temperature warms up to open the blinds, let in the sunshine, and do some deep spring cleaning. You know all the spots around the house that you want to target, but the question is do you have the right supplies? A job is only able to be done well when you have all the essentials. Not sure what you need to complete your spring cleaning chores? Here is a list of supplies you will want to have before you start spring cleaning as well as some tips on what chores you should target.

Cleaning Essentials

Now, before you grab your keys and head to the store, you probably already have the supplies you need in your cabinets and pantry. You will want some typical cleaning supplies such as dish soap, microfiber cloths, and a melamine foam sponge. There will be some supplies that are little old school as well as unusual that you will need. These oddities include baking soda, white vinegar, citrus peels, and old coffee grounds.

Utilizing the Citrus Peels

You may wonder how on earth can you clean anything in your home with citrus peels. For those with a garbage disposal, orange, lemon, or lime peels will quickly become your new best friends. The garbage disposal is a useful tool in the kitchen, but it can quickly gather a smell. You can easily clean your garbage disposal by running the disposal with a few ice cubes first. This helps to clean and sharpen the impellers. Next, you will add citrus peels into the running disposal. The peels will help eliminate odors by replacing them with a citrusy fragrance.

Clean Out Your Fridge

While you are in the kitchen, you will also want to take the time to clean out your refrigerator. Remove old or expired food. Next, clean and wipe down all the surfaces of your fridge as well as soak the bins in warm, soapy water. After cleaning the refrigerator, you will want to take steps to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh. This will mean that you should regularly deodorize your fridge. Most people are familiar with using baking soda, but you can also use coffee grounds that have been used that morning. Place them on a plate and sit them in the refrigerator for over 24 hours to deodorize your fridge.

Freshen Your Dishwasher

Continuing in the kitchen, you may look over to your dishwasher and wonder what you can do about this machine. Yes, it helps you clean your dishes, but it is starting to smell. What’s more your dishes are not coming out of the washer as clean as they once were. What do you do? Take one to two cups of white vinegar, pour into your empty dishwasher, and allow to run. Try to do this trick every couple of weeks.

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Remove Clogs

One last cleaning tip to leave with you. You know all about dusting, sweeping, mopping, and wiping down countertops. You can clean your sinks, toilets, and showers well, but what do you do about those drains that are beginning to clog up? With a mix of half a cup of baking soda and a fourth a cup of salt, you pour the mixture down the drain. Next, pour one cup of warm vinegar. The vinegar will foam up the baking soda and salt medley. Allow it to sit and foam for about fifteen minutes. Then run hot water for about thirty seconds to wash everything down the drain as well as unclog it.

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